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Lightning protection
ESE device


Where a traditional Faraday Cage System is not a feasible option for lightning protection we can install an Early Streamer Emission (ESE) device. This is an alternative to a conventional lightning protection system (LPS) and is regulated under the European National Standard 

NF C 17-102, IEC EN 62305:2011

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Why ?

​When designing a lightning protection system it might not be possible to install a traditional Faraday cage type system, possibly due to the size and location of the building or an issue with access.  In this case it might be beneficial to install an an Early Streamer Emission (ESE) device instead. This type of system can offer considerable savings on installation time, disruption and cost.


Following the conclusion of the risk assessment the radius of protection can be calculated and the ESE located in the most suitable location to provide the desired area of protection. The ESE device can be side mounted using our ESE mast and side mount brackets or flat roof mounted on a freestanding tripod. 


Once the early streamer device has been installed our field engineers will test the system to ensure that it is fully operational. A certificate will be issued to confirm compliance for the following year. As with all lightning protection systems they should be tested annually. This will also ensure that your are compliant with insurers. 

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