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Lightning protection Design & Install

Lightning protection
Design & Install

Strike Control offer a full Design and Installation service for your lightning protection system, whether new build or retro fit, our professional team can design a system that offers full protection for your structure and its occupants.

Our design team will design a lightning protection system that's sympathetic to the appearance of your building.

Our professional team of installation engineers will ensure your satisfaction from start through to completion of your project.

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Why ?

A lighting protection system will ensure that your premises is protected in the event of a lightning strike. Lightning can not only cause structural damage but can cause electrical surges damaging any electronic systems that you have onsite. By installing a lightning protection system you can have peace of mind that in the event of a lightning strike your premises and its occupants are fully protected.


After an initial risk assessment our specialist team will design a bespoke lightning protection system for your building in compliance with the British Standard measures BS EN 62305-2 . Our professional team of installation engineers will then install the system as per BS EN 62305-3 ensuring that the design of the installation is fully adhered to. 

Certificate ?

Once a system has been designed and installed, our field engineers will test the system to ensure that it is fully operational and achieving the desired test results. On completion a certification package will be provided to confirm compliance and offer piece of mind for the coming year. All Lightning Protection systems should tested annually to maintain compliance.


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