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Lightning protection
Risk Assessments

Strike Control offer a full lightning risk assessment service. Our designers will visit your site and carry out a full risk assessment in accordance with latest regulations

BS EN 62305:2012 'Protection against lightning'.


Using the latest software we can establish if there is a need for a lightning protection system and precisely determine the level of lightning protection required.


Without proper lightning protection, buildings can be at risk of not only structural damage but a risk to life. If your premises does not have an existing lighting protection system then the starting point is to have a Lightning Risk Assessment completed. A specialist engineer, trained in the BS EN 62305-2 measures, will assess your building to ascertain what level of risk there will be from a potential lightning strike and provide recommendations. 


Our specialist engineers will review your premises and using the latest risk software calculate the risk of a lightning strike. They will advise whether there is no risk or whether a lightning protection system needs to be installed and to what level. Our design teams will review the risk assessment and are able to design a bespoke lightning protection system for your premises.


A detailed Risk Assessment report will be provided outlining the risk to your premises and provide any recommendations to ensure that your premises is fully protected in the event of a lightning strike.


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