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Lightning protection
Testing & Inspection

Lightning protection systems and earthing systems are tested and inspected by our team of professionals in accordance with the relevant standard BS EN 62305. Our competent personnel provide testing and inspections using calibrated test equipment. During the inspections all conductors, bonds, joints and earth electrodes will be checked and a detailed test report will be produced. These test reports will indicate any maintenance that is required.


Current regulations recommend that all lightning protection systems should be tested annually, preferably at an interval of every eleven months to allow for seasonal variations in soil conditions.

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Why Test?

A lightning discharge can be over 200,000 amps, and can cause massive destruction to human life and property. For the commercial sector lightning surges can cause significant disruption and damage to electrical and electronic equipment. If you have an existing ​Lightning Protection System it is imperative that you get it tested annually to ensure that it remains in a safe and effective condition and can provide continued protection for the building and its occupants. Under British Standard regulations BS EN 62305 it is recommended that all systems are tested annually. It is advised to test at 11 monthly intervals to allow for seasonal variations and ensure that your system maintains its level of protection over the whole year.


Our engineers are fully trained in carrying out detailed inspections of existing lightning protection systems. Earth resistance measurements will be taken at each electrode and of the system as a whole. The system will be checked for signs of damage or corrosion, any additions will be checked to see if any additional protection is required. Surge protection and earthing requirements will be assessed.


Once completed a full report will be produced with our findings. This will confirm compliance or recommend if there are any remedial repairs that need completing to return the system to a serviceable condition. Once a lightning protection system has passed, a certificate will be produced ensuring the validity of the system for a year. 

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